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"Eternal Recurrence - Departure"
November 2022 [Mild steel, Cherry, Slate] 

15" x 20" x 36"

An unbearable lightness is existing in a weightless world. Weight is meaning, and meaning is happiness. A weightless world occupies a linear timeline in which a life that disappears, disappears once and for all. In this instance, a life that does not return, is like a shadow without weight, dead in advance, and whether it was horrible, beautiful or sublime, its horror, sublimity and beauty mean nothing. 


Eternal recurrence counteracts this paralyzing sense of general disintegration and incompleteness. It searches for a cosmic history of cyclic nature, where death is never definitive. In this sense, the universe is eternal. No event is finite in its occurrence, but has occurred, occurs, and will occur, perpetually. Its cyclic nature brings a lightness to existence where the meaninglessness of a finite end is escaped.




Our search for this cyclic life is a tragic failure. Human time as we know it, does not turn in a circle. Eternal recurrence is limited to the imagination and longing of the human psyche, and is not grounded in this current reality.


This seat is an exploration in confronting this turmoil. It is in search of return and is a manifestation of return. The seat lends itself as a departure point from the linearity of this world. It reaches for the potential of an otherworldly domain where return is possible. The chair is a search of a metaphysical experience that allows us to feel temporary relief from our unweighted existence.

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