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"Eternal Recurrence - Landing"
December 2022 [Mild steel] 

15" x 20" x 36"

Human time as we know it occupies a linear timeline, in which a life that disappears, disappears once and for all. A definitive death, strips us of weight and meaning, in which happiness becomes an insurmountable tragedy. This is the unbearably light that renders us paralyzed with unease and discontent. 


Upon this realization begins our search for existence of a cyclic nature. One in which no event is finite in occurrence, but has occurred, occurs, and will occur again. It is this cycle of being that a brings a lightness into existing where the tragic finite end is escaped. Phase one of this search for eternal recurrence saw to the manifestation of a conceptual return. A seat that reaches for the potential of an otherworldly domain where cyclic life is possible. It confronts the failure of human conception of time, and brings the longing for eternal return into realization. However, coupled with the theory in which we have made a successful escape, the remaining uncertainty of the proposed parallel world hinders our ability to render its authenticity.


So phase two, explores arrival. It is the landing pad in which we reach our destination. This chair serves as the receiver of the first, and is an inauguration of the eternal world. Although This depiction of escape can be experienced universally, it is impossible to predict the visualization of the parallel world for each individual. Therefore this object seeks to contextualize though a specific ambiguity in form. Its familiarity generates a speculative suggestion to ideas of birth, transport, and communication, in hopes of delivering its user to the desired non linear space. 

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